Ad-Insertion Trigger Files

In this guide we will go over the ad-insertion trigger files, and how to use them. After signing up for our ad-insertion service, there is a process that must be followed in order to get your station(s) set up on our ad-insertion platform. 

General Info:

1) Our system operates using metadata triggers to trigger and specify the length of the ad break. We provide pre-made 30, 60, 90, and 120 second trigger files upon signing up for our service. You can also create your own trigger files by putting these tags in the "artist" or "title" field using a metadata tag eitor:
30 Second Trigger - ADWTAG_30000
60 Second Trigger - ADWTAG_60000
90 Second Trigger - ADWTAG_90000
120 Second Trigger - ADWTAG_122000

2) You must run a mimumim of 3 minutes and 30 seconds of trigger files per hour if you are running pre-roll spots, and 4 minutes per hour if you are not. You will choose whether or not you would like pre-rolls enabled at checking out when signing up for our service. 

3) Do not run two trigger files back-to-back. Our insertion system will ignore the second file and therefore not trigger any ads. 

4) You must point all of your listeners to the stream server that we have provided you. You will not recieve credit for listeners who are not listening through the server we provide. We highly recommend the use of PLS and ASX files to give to directories such as iTunes, Windows Media Guide, and TuneIn. This allows you to easily update your stream/listing if anything changes with your stream URL later on. 

How It Works:

1) Our ad-insertion software, powered by AdsWizz, looks for the tags enclosed in the metadata of the trigger files, which specifies the length of each ad break. 

2) Once our system sees the metadata tag, it will overlay our network spots over the top of your stream or the specified ad break length. 

3) Once the ad break finishes, it will return to playing your station's stream. 

Once you are encoding, pointing your listeners to the ad-insertion enable stream we provide, and begin running the trigger files, we will setup your stream(s) on our ad-insertion platform. This can take up to 7 days from the point that you begin running the trigger files. 

If you have any questions about trigger files, or how this process works, please contact our support team.

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