Getting Started: Connecting with Station Playlist

Getting started with Abovecast's Ad-Insertion service is easy! Follow this guide to learn how to get connected using the Station Playlist automation software. This guide assumes you already have Station Playlist installed and running, and have a basic knowledge of operating the software. 

1) Shortly after placing your order for our Ad-Insertion service, you will recieve an email including all of the appropriate information needed to connect your encoder to our servers and begin streaming. You will need this email before proceeding to the next steps.

2) Open up the included SPL Encoder plugin (for SPL v5+) or the included Oddcast plugin (for SPL versions older than v5)

3) Press the "Add Encoder" button as shown below:

4) An encoder will be added into the encoder list. It will appear as a "Vorbis" encoder by default. We will need to change this, and configure the rest of the options by right clicking the encoder and pressing "Configure" 

5) Make sure the "Encoder Type" is set to "MP3" (or AAC+ if you're running a secondary lower bitrate stream). The "Server Type" should be set to Icecast2. Enter the Server IP, Server Port, Encoder Username/Password, and Mountpoint from the information provided via email. It should look similar to this: 

6) Under the "YP Info" tab, enter the information about your station such as the Station Name, Description, Website URL, and Genre. 

7) Once you're finished entering the information, press OK. You can repeat this process for additonal streams you need to add. 

8) You should now be able to press the "Connect" button to connect your encoders, and begin streaming to the server. 

9) If the information you entered is correct, your encoder should connect and show the status information similar to this:

Important: After you begin encoding, your Ad Insertion enabled listen links will be created and sent in a separate message. Please notify us when you have started encoding to recieve your ad-enabled listen links. 

Once you're streaming, you will also need to set up the provided trigger files which will trigger the ad-insertion server to play the advertisements. For more information on the trigger files, please see this guide.
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